Working as a consulting engineer involves on-site project work and office tasks. Find out the salaries at X Engineering & Consulting.

X Engineering & Consulting

Working as a consulting engineer involves working on site at projects as well as doing admin and project management tasks from an office/desk. Engineering consultants will be expected to have a wide range of soft skills in addition to their formal engineering qualifications.

Find out how much X Engineering and Consulting employees earn. View salary by job title, education, experience and more.

X Engineering & Consulting is a civil engineering firm focused on land development and infrastructure projects.

X Engineering & Consulting is an engineering firm that provides land development and infrastructure projects for private entities, public agencies, and municipalities. Their team implements thoughtful, creative, technically sound and environment friendly solutions. I created a logo, business cards, resume/collateral templates, and brand style guide to create a consistent look that represents their intersection of engineering, development, client services, and professional advancement.

The average salary for X Engineering & Consulting Inc employees is around $72,357 per year. Salary may vary depending on location, department, and job title. Profound shifts in urbanization trends call for different infrastructure strategies. Our infrastructure consulting teams help you build, advance, and move by optimizing urban development, transportation, and movement of people and goods. Moreover, they also assist with integrating new technologies to address sustainability challenges.

We implement thoughtful, creative, technically sound and environment friendly solutions.

The team at X Engineering & Consulting is professional, responsive and helpful. They work hard to meet deadlines and provide quality services at competitive rates. They are a great partner for IT staffing needs.

X-Team helps companies scale their development teams by finding motivated developers from around the world. They source and interview engineers and then work with them to find the right fit, using Slack and Jira for communication and collaboration. X-Team has been providing IT staff augmentation to an education technology software company for 18 months, and they are praised by the client for the quality of their engineers and the way they work with them to build a sustainable community. They also excel at project management, and they are very responsive and communicative with the clients.

We are a full service firm.

X Engineering & Consulting has an established full service model and provides a complete array of services to the public sector, private entities, and industrial clients. This includes design, project management resources, onsite engineering support, and other staffing solutions.

Typically, engineering consulting firms will invest in traditional marketing methods like print advertisements and industry conferences to connect with potential clients in person. These offline marketing strategies can increase brand recognition, build client relationships, and ultimately drive revenue for the firm.

The average salary for a X Engineering & Consulting Inc employee is around $72,357 per year, although individual salaries will vary significantly depending on the job, department, and location. In addition to their base pay, a successful engineering consulting company will offer competitive benefits packages that encourage employees to stay committed and dedicated to the firm. These benefits include profit-sharing plans, bonus programs, flexible work arrangements, and professional development opportunities. The best engineering consulting companies will also have a strong focus on providing excellent customer service.

We are a leader in the industry.

X Engineering & Consulting is a highly respected firm, with a large and diverse client base. We are able to provide our clients with the best possible service and quality, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our team. Whether we are working on site with a construction crew, or discussing a project plan over the phone, we strive to be the best in the industry.

The salary range for jobs at X Engineering & Consulting Inc will vary depending on the job title, location and category. Typically, the higher the position, the more salary an employee receives. Average salaries for X Engineering & Consulting Inc jobs range from $72,357 to $80,789. These numbers are estimates based on historical salary data. Actual salary may vary based on company, location, job title, years of experience, level of education and additional skills.

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